A mogul who is continuing to shape NY’s real estate industry

The term real estate development is highly vague and encompasses a plethora of activities. For some it means purchasing land and transforming it into a commercial or residential site. For others, it may simply mean buying a piece of land for personal use or for renting out, in order to make money or just waiting to sell it, when the price is convenient.

However, a real estate developer will buy underdeveloped lands, and then he will hire a contractor to build the infrastructure, which can be; a commercial hub, drainage, sewage, public utilities, or housing society, and then selling it off to an end user.

The entire process can take years to complete, it all depends upon the scale of the development and the finances involved. To execute a successful project, a real estate professional first needs to be familiar with local zoning laws, real estate financing, marketing, infrastructure and commercial/residential construction, market conditions and subdivision of lots.

Ron Hershco is considered to be one of the finest real estate professionals, for undertaking and building projects like; 306 Gold Street and the Meridian in NY.

Mr. Hershco has been a part of this industry for the last two decades. During his career, he has witnessed the large growth of this field.

Mr. Hershco is known for building high-rise condos, and luxurious residential apartments at affordable prices, in order to make people’s dream of owning a home come true.

As a part of his charity work, Ron supports Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and Chabad of Oceanside.


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