Ron Hershco- Dedication is the key to his success!

Be it real estate entrepreneurship, marathon running, or philanthropy, Ron Hershco is a very popular name in any of these fields.

After starting his career as a real-estate agent in 1992, Ron committed himself to his work. During this time, he provided the firm with maximum profitable returns. Later, in 1996, Ron founded his own real estate company. As a real-estate entrepreneur, Mr Hershco focused on urban development.

The Meridian at 306 Gold Street is a 40 story Spectacular luxury property glass building, which shows his class-apart work in real-estate, and development areas.

Apart from his contributions in this field, Ron also contributes a substantial part of his life to help indigent populations, by supporting various charity organizations.

He gives running a special place in his routine. After participating in New York and Boston marathons, he is now willing to take part in international marathons.


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