A mogul who is continuing to shape NY’s real estate industry

The term real estate development is highly vague and encompasses a plethora of activities. For some it means purchasing land and transforming it into a commercial or residential site. For others, it may simply mean buying a piece of land for personal use or for renting out, in order to make money or just waiting to sell it, when the price is convenient.

However, a real estate developer will buy underdeveloped lands, and then he will hire a contractor to build the infrastructure, which can be; a commercial hub, drainage, sewage, public utilities, or housing society, and then selling it off to an end user.

The entire process can take years to complete, it all depends upon the scale of the development and the finances involved. To execute a successful project, a real estate professional first needs to be familiar with local zoning laws, real estate financing, marketing, infrastructure and commercial/residential construction, market conditions and subdivision of lots.

Ron Hershco is considered to be one of the finest real estate professionals, for undertaking and building projects like; 306 Gold Street and the Meridian in NY.

Mr. Hershco has been a part of this industry for the last two decades. During his career, he has witnessed the large growth of this field.

Mr. Hershco is known for building high-rise condos, and luxurious residential apartments at affordable prices, in order to make people’s dream of owning a home come true.

As a part of his charity work, Ron supports Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and Chabad of Oceanside.


Brooklyn’s Ron Hershco – A Very sought after real estate developer!

There are certain names in every industry that hardly ever need any introduction. This is all due to their good work. And one fine example of this is, Mr. Ron Hershco.

He has earned fame and recognition in the real estate industry, for giving sought after solutions in property related matters. His work and credibility has made him New York’s leading real estate developer.

Ever Since he started his firm in 1996, Mr. Ron Hershco has been successful in delivering unmatched results for luxury residential buildings.

Besides being a successful real estate developer, he has also worked for the betterment of society. One of the numerous organizations that Ron has supported includes; the Russell Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation to which he has contributed in order to promote arts education, for penurious and emerging artists.

Ron Hershco- Dedication is the key to his success!

Be it real estate entrepreneurship, marathon running, or philanthropy, Ron Hershco is a very popular name in any of these fields.

After starting his career as a real-estate agent in 1992, Ron committed himself to his work. During this time, he provided the firm with maximum profitable returns. Later, in 1996, Ron founded his own real estate company. As a real-estate entrepreneur, Mr Hershco focused on urban development.

The Meridian at 306 Gold Street is a 40 story Spectacular luxury property glass building, which shows his class-apart work in real-estate, and development areas.

Apart from his contributions in this field, Ron also contributes a substantial part of his life to help indigent populations, by supporting various charity organizations.

He gives running a special place in his routine. After participating in New York and Boston marathons, he is now willing to take part in international marathons.

Real Estate is booming, and so is Real Estate Giant Ron Hershco

Ron Hershco started his career in 1992 as a real estate professional. It did not take him long to become agent of the company by bringing in his innovative and effective approach.

Today, he has his own network, and is counted amongst the most accomplished men in the business.

The developing areas in New York have been his focus, in his long and illustrious career.

Ron’s insights and expertise are behind such projects like; the Meridian, development in Long Beach NY, and many others.

The Meridian has been one of his most successful and well recognized projects, which has brought him great rewards and acclaim.

Ron believes in giving back to the community, and this is why he is actively involved with many charitable projects. This has helped him create a good reputation for himself and his company, among the general public.

Ron Hershco – A popular name for building high rise condos

Ron Hershco is a big name, in the real estate business. He’s built many multi storied complexes, and several high end condos.

His hallmark project, The Meridian which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, is known for its supreme level of service and added amenities; for which it has garnered much attention and appreciation.

In addition to being a successful businessman, Ron is also a philanthropist and has helped many people to realize their dreams.

Ron is an active supporter of the Rush Philanthropic Arts foundation, which helps young and emerging artists to make their dreams come true. Apart from this, he actively supports many other charitable organizations, and is an enthusiastic marathon runner.

A renowned real estate personality and an enthusiastic runner

Ron Hershco is a well known real estate developer, who is famous for undertaking real estate projects throughout New York’s developing area. He is focused on building lavish, yet affordable housing to make people’s wish of owning their dream house come true. Ron is credited for developing several notable modern spaces like; the Meridian at 306 Gold Street in Long Island NY.

Ron is also an enthusiastic marathon runner. He has participated in many marathons in Boston and New York. So far he has participated in around eight marathons, and hopes to participate in international marathons as well.

Ron Hershco is also an active philanthropist who supports a number of charity organizations. He has helped Russell Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. The organization has worked to transform the Brooklyn area. His company has also gifted a public school to a community in Rockaway, Queens.

Ron Hershco – A successful business man and an active philanthropist!

Ron Hershco is a successful real estate investor from the United States of America. He is the founder of a real estate company. With real estate offices located throughout Brooklyn and Queens, Hershco has worked to unite homes and homes across the five boroughs for more than a decade, providing comfortable and affordable living for many people.

Ron Hershco is well-respected for undertaking some of the biggest projects in the United States of America. One of his projects is the Meridian, which is a luxury condominium, for residential purpose. The Meridian condominium is located in Long Beach, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Apart from being a real estate tycoon, Ron Hershco is also an active philanthropist, who regularly participates in charity activities for the welfare of society. See more information click here